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How to place advertisement order?

Subject Title: Advertise

Could just mail us [copy & paste] the form below:

Prefer site: [e.g. Shopping Directory]
Advertise details: [e.g. option a]
Duration: [e.g. 1 week]
Contact number:
Site Name:
Site url:

Advertising options & rates:

Choice of ads could be i) home, ii) shopping directory, iii) people, iv) events, v)trends

* ad placement could refer to the right side bar *

i) Option a :
Size: 333 width x 90 height

ii) Option b & c :
Size: 150 width x 150 height

iii) Option d:
Size: 333 width x 90 height

Upon signing up on ads service, advertiser will be entitled to:
1. An interview posts
2. A Write up advertorial [with 10 products pictures]

Do mail us for any other special arrangements on advertisements.

Subject title: Advertise

Terms & Conditions

1. Advertisement rates in Ringgit Malaysia.

2. Rates exclude graphics / artwork.

3. Formats can be either JPEG, HTML, GIFs, PNG.

4. Graphics must be submitted at least 3 days in advance.

5. Payment must be made within 48 hours upon booking
confirmation. If failed, that particular advertising space will be release to other interested advertiser.

6. The amount paid is not exchangeable / refundable.
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